How to create a story?

Do you know that how to create an authentic story that actually improves trust? As we know that Interactive story is a best away to create attractive landing pages that produce more traffic, leads, sales and actionable insights. Opinion Stage allows you to create engaging stories by combining interactive elements such as polls, quizzes, slideshows, etc. o know more about how to create a story please take a look at

Buzzfeed Quiz

Do you want to create Buzzfeed Quiz? At Opinion Stage, we provide a simple way to create Buzzfeed Quiz to get a lot of traffic and engagement. We provide easy way to create buzzfeed quizzes on any topic you like.  There are lots of options which you can use for buzzfeed quizzes. It can take minutes if you start the creation from our pre-built templates, you just need to read the process at

Tumblr Slideshow

Now capture the leads by creating and sharing a tumblr slideshow. It reduces your content and you can save your audience to overwhelming with lengthy blog posts, you can use slideshow to present highly complex ideas in an easy-to-digest format. Tumblr Slideshows are east to create; really it will take only your few minutes. Read our blog post to know the process.

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